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Book Collecting

Do You Judge A Book By The Cover?

Are Some Authors Too Big To Fail?

Ten Signs You're In A Sword & Planet Book

Favorite Imaginative Artists

Why I Like Grittier Fantasy 

Are You A Seasonal Reader?

Favorite SF Tropes

How Scary Is Too Scary?

Nostalgia Reads

When Do You Review?

What's Up With Weird Titles?

The Winds of Winter- What's Next At the Wall 

The Gods of Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones- Is Skinchanging Bad? 

Let's Talk About Books You Gotta Have 

Favorite Houses of Westeros

Let's Talk About Maps

Let's Talk About Villains

Let's Talk About Book Spoilers

Let's Talk About Genres

Game of Thrones Thoughts 

Let's Talk About Androids

Let's Talk About Time Travel

Let's Talk About The Fae

Favorite Moments in Books #1

Let's Talk About Urban Fantasy

Star Wars discussion Post

The Force awakens 

What If Luke and Leia were Together

Blogging Vs. Real Life 

Favorite Game of Thrones Characters

A Game of Thrones Discussion

Male Vs. Female POV in YA


  1. Hi Greg,I gave you an award,check it out my blog -> http://bookerlikeahooker.blogspot.com/

  2. Book reviews are the most important and valuable tool for self published authors to address an audience and interest readers.
    I am not only a writer but also an avid reader – one comes with the other; the time a writer spends on reviewing a book has my greatest appreciation. After all, writers write to be read. There is no greater joy for a writer to receive (positive) feedback for their work