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Dog Days of Summer: Dog Tag


I was tagged for this awesome Dog Days of Summer tag by Jo at Jo's Book Blog. Thanks Jo!! This tag is part of the Dog Days of Summer event being hosted by Jo's Book Blog and La La in the Library. I would definitely encourage you to go check out their posts as well- they're fun. Who doesn't love dogs??? 

I am tagging- 



Prince. He was just a mutt and had an awesome personality. Unfortunately he was an outside dog, as my dad always kept them outside? I never understood that, and always wanted him to come in and escape the cold or heat. He would stay in the garage when the weather was really bad, but it wasn't the same. 


I do not, I have three cats but would love to get a dog.  


Not sure! I like Labs and Jack Russell terriers, and mutts are fine with me! When I was younger of course I wanted a Norwegian elkhound or a Malamute cause I thought they were awesome- and they are- but I'm over that. :) 


This one's tough as I don't read a lot of dog- themed books per se. I'll have to go with an old favorite. 

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That's not hard. 

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Both? I would say a cat person only because I've always had cats (and I have three), but I had dogs growing up too and love 'em. There's really nothing better than a dog friend to lay down next to you and just be glad you're there. They really are the best friends in many ways. 


When I was in college my aunt and uncle went to Florida and left their Yorky home with me to watch. His name was Dusty and he was awesome. They had him trained so if you pointed your finger at him and said bang! bang! he'd roll over like he was shot. Anyway he didn't know me from anybody so he was a little leery at first, but by the time they came back we were good friends (I was staying at their house watching) and it was tough to leave! 

Peanuts Revisited

Game of Thrones: Moqorro

A Dance with Dragons (A Song of Ice and Fire, #5)

Moqorro the red priest- a marginal figure in A Song of Ice and Fire, he only appears in a few chapters, but one could argue his importance to the story will be greater than at first imagined. Moqorro is described as a huge man with black skin and a mane of white hair, with flame- like tattoos on his face denoting his former slave status. He is called the "Black Flame" by the Greyjoy sailors who pick him up on their way to Slavers Bay. Why is Moqorro important? Well, he first crosses paths with Tyrion on the route to Qarth but is then blown overboard in a storm. He is found by Victarion ten days later adrift at sea. How does he survive ten days? And why does Moqorro want to reach Dany? 

Spoilers for A Song of Ice and Fire. 

Moqorro is a red priest, like Melisandre. He sees things in the flames, tells Tyrion the Selaesori Qhoran will never reach Qarth, and he's right- they are overtaken by slavers and Tyrion is sold into slavery.  Moqorro is washed overboard before that though, only to be found by Victarion on his way to Meereen. The Greyjoy sailors want to kill him, but Victarion keeps him alive after the red priest tells Victarion he can heal his wounded hand.  

Moqorro was sent by the high priest of R'hllor to seek out Dany and ally with her, as she has been a breaker of chains and the priesthood of R'hllor is encouraging the slaves of Volantis to rise. Tyrion speaks to Moqorro in A Dance with Dragons as they are sailing. 

"Dragons old and young, true and false, and bright and dark. And you. A small man with a big shadow, snarling in the midst of it all."  

Dragons old and young? True and false? Could this refer to Dany and Young Griff (Aegon)- as a true and a false Targaryen? 

And when Tyrion asks Moqorro about the others seeking Dany, he gets this for his answer. 

"Only their shadows," Moqorro said. "One most of all. A tall and twisted thing with one black eye and ten long arms, sailing on a sea of blood." 

This by the way is what blogger Poorquentyn partly refers to when he expounds on his "eldritch apocalypse" theory- the idea that Euron Crows Eye is going to use the devastation of both his fleet and the Redwyne fleet to bring about the rise of the Drowned God or some other monstrosity- hence the reference to a sea of blood. And there is some imagery to support this in the sample chapter for The Winds of Winter here, where Euron tells his brother Aeron what he has in mind. 

I'd like to just say here too- I'm pretty sure the prophecy of Quaithe mentions Moqorro among those who Dany should not trust. Here is what she said. 

"The glass candles are burning. Soon comes the pale mare, and after her the others. Kraken and dark flame, lion and griffin, the sun's son and the mummer's dragon. Trust none of them. Remember the Undying. Beware the perfumed seneschal."

Kraken and dark flame? Pretty sure that's Victarion (or the Greyjoys generally) and Moqorro. 

"I thought the same, lord Captain... but he knows things. He knew that we made for Slaver's Bay before any man could tell him, and he knew you would be here, off this island."  

Even the monkeys fled the ship when Victarion reemerged from his cabin, his wounded hand smoking and charred, after Moqorro's "healing." Afterwards Moqorro served Victarion by foretelling things for him, and counseling him on how to use the dragon horn to bind dragons.  

The black priest pointed to one golden band. "Here the horn is named. 'I am Dragonbinder,' it says. Have you ever heard it sound?"

Your brother did not sound the horn himself. Nor must you." Moqorro pointed to the band of steel. "Here. 'Blood for fire, fire for blood.' Who blows the hellhorn matters not. The dragons will come to the horn's master. You must claim the horn. With blood."

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The Good Neighbor

The Good Neighbor

The Good Neighbor is a thriller about a woman who begins to doubt everything around her when tragedy strikes. The tragedy happens early on so right from the outset we see that not everything is right in her marriage. I thought this was a pretty good read, and at around two hundred pages it's a quick one too.

After something happens to change her life Sarah starts to notice things. Her marriage seems great and she loves her husband, but she begins to have doubts- is he having an affair? And there's something odd about the neighbors next door, perhaps she didn't know them as well as she thought. It's difficult to say much without spoiling the story, but I will say I mostly liked the characters, although there were times when I thought Sarah needed to buck up a bit. She's a writer and works from home, so she has a lot of time to think about things, which is probably good since the more she looks the more she finds! Some of it though may be just coincidence. Right?

I think the cover of this one captures the setting very well, as part of the story takes place in a secluded location. I did think some of the clues or red herrings were a little obvious but it wasn't a dealbreaker. Sarah tries to do the right thing and make a difference in other lives and that gives the story a multilayered approach. It was mostly realistic although the ending I thought went off the rails a bit. The biggest question is- how well do you truly know someone? Your husband or your wife, your family, friends- do we ever truly know everything, the deepest, darkest secrets? Of course we don't, and this explores what happens when some of that comes out. 

Top Ten Book Recommendations Thrillers


 Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Each week a new Top Ten list will be posted. Everyone is welcome to join. Link back to The Broke and the Bookish so everyone can check out other bloggers' lists. It's a fun way to get to know fellow bloggers.

This week is Top Ten Book Recommendations for Thrillers/ Mysteries. I've been reading a ton of thrillers lately and here are some favorites.  

What She Saw

A woman sees something she shouldn't. 

The Girl from the Sea

Killer twist. 

The Blue

Two women join a yacht crew and find love. What could happen? 

Emma in the Night

Gone Without a Trace

Friend Request

How Will I Know You?

 I Found You

The Woman in Cabin 10

The Lying Game

Tuesday Tagline #52

The Lying Game

Four friends. One promise. But someone isn't telling the truth. That... is not good. 

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On The Run VII

The technician was halfway up the ramp, face down, and when they rolled him over they recoiled at the look on his face. He had died in terror, from the looks of it, his eyes wide and his mouth open- as if he had been screaming. Anna immediately shone her light down the rampway, but all they could see was shadows. Eric looked the technician over, found his ID card.
"Hamilton," he grunted. "Any idea which one this is?"
"No," she glanced over quickly. "I didn't catch their names."
This was wonderful. No other identifying information. He looked around, rubbing his forehead. This was not what they had wanted to find. What was going on? Can we ever catch a break?

"Let's not tackle that now," he said, nodding towards the depths. "Let's get up and see what we can see, see if the team is close, and go from there." She nodded and they retraced their steps back to ground level, Anna walking backwards with her rifle charged. Once they reached base level she knelt and left a small proximity alarm at the ramp and they hurried up the steps leading to the upper level.
"Well we know one of those guys isn't coming back," she muttered. "Think the other one is down below?"
"No idea. Doesn't bode well for him being alive though, does it?"
She just grimaced. They reached the second level and after a cursory look around kept on going. Eric wanted to get a view from the high observation deck that often surmounted these towers. When they reached the third level Anna did a sweep while Eric went right to the weird, beveled windows that looked out upon the rest of the complex. He could see for quite a ways, and there was no sign of movement.

"Clear," he heard. He turned back to explore with Anna, a little more relaxed. This was the level he always thought of as the library or leisure area- if the Precursors indulged in leisure. There was just a more comfortable vibe to it, and the machines that were  spaced at intervals looked almost like data interface points. It didn't have the same clinical feel that the lower levels did. And who wouldn't love the view?

He sat down with a sigh on one of the extrusions that apparently served as chairs for the long- lost race. They were made of a strange metallic foam that was entirely unknown to humanity, but they were comfortable enough. He fished a food bar out of his pack and threw one to Anna as well, who took up a position by the windows. He could tell she was freaked out a little, over that body. He was too. Knowing they were probably dead and finding one were not the same- especially when the one they found looked like he'd had the shit scared out of him.

He thought about their options. They had a strike team nearby, presumably hostile. They'd read the same log entry, know the technicians were missing and they had to know that he and Anna were here. So where would they go next? The answer was pretty obvious.

But why were they here? There could be any number of reasons, but the more he thought about it, the less likely it seemed that they would be here for any other reason than him. Although Anna was a target now too, he supposed. The way things were now- maybe they should just petition Control and try to sort things out at home. It was clearly out of hand.

He might have dozed, exhausted, when Anna roused him.
Shit. He got up and went over to see.
"Looks like they found us."
He nodded, counting.
"I see ten," he said. She nodded. "Same." They were moving with military precision, standard pattern, just coming out of the water now.
"They're going to come here first," she pointed out.
"They'll establish a perimeter first, then they'll come here," he replied. "We need to go."
Scrambling away from the balcony he took a last look around wistfully- he could have spent hours, days, here but that wasn't going to happen. Not now. They sailed down the steps, headed for the entrance. As it sphinctered open they could already see troopers fanning out across the complex. They'd have to be quick.

That voice.
"Eric, are you in there? I just want to talk."
He almost laughed. How reassuring. 
"Eric, just you and I. No need for violence. Is Anna with you?"
Eric and Anna exchanged a glance, incredulous.

Game of Thrones: Eastwatch

Image result for game of thrones S7

Last weeks episode was going to be tough to match- after all, how do you top  a fire breathing dragon laying waste to armies? Plus all the other fun stuff- Arya vs. Brienne! This week we have something a bit different- a reminder that the true threat is still on the way. The army of the dead is marching on Eastwatch- the outpost that anchors one end of the Wall. And by the end of the episode some of the major players- and a few minor ones- are going to come together, to venture north on a suicidal mission to prove that the dead are on the march. But before that a lot of other things happen- two in particular that are very important, or could be, for book readers. In that sense this may be one of the most consequential episodes ever.

Spoilers for this episode of Game of Thrones, and for the books as well.

I think one of the big debates coming out of this one will be about Dany. Is she a hero? A villain? Neither? Book readers have been debating Dany for years, and there are all sorts of theories that she'll succumb to the Targaryen madness, like her father did. Here she offers the Lannister prisoners their lives if they bend the knee- Drogon convinces more than a few to do so, which was hilarious- but when Randyll Tarly refuses to bend the knee, Dany has him barbequed. Tyrion is horrified and tries in vain to dissuade her, but she's committed.  

Later when Tyrion is discussing the turn of events with Varys, he seems to be trying to convince himself she was justified in what she did. Varys too is skeptical. When Tyrion and Varys are debating Dany's ethics you know there's a problem. This was an absolutely critical conversation to see these two having- her two most influential advisors, concerned that Dany could emulate her father, the Mad King.

Dany returns to Dragonstone and meets Jon overlooking the sea. Drogon comes right up to him- a terrifying sight- and Jon oh so tentatively reaches out to touch him. Even Dany didn't know what was going to happen there. The fact that Drogon allowed Jon to touch him sure seems to add credence to theories about Jon being a Targaryen. And afterward Jon and Dany got to know each other a little more, and she asked him about what Davos said- about Jon taking a knife to the heart- but before they can get further into that Jorah returns. 

Dany's happy to see him, and it was interesting to see him and Jon size each other up. And later when he accompanies Jon to the north we have two people who Dany cares for a great deal- for let's be honest she's got a thing for Jon already- going into danger together. It'll be interesting to see if Mormont makes it back.

Jaime and Cersei disagree about the war but Jaime appears to be all in when Cersei reveals she's pregnant. There's been debate on this score as well, with eagle-eyed book readers noticing some hints, but this is the first confirmation that she is pregnant. Whether the books will follow this route remains to be seen. At this point the Jaime redemption arc that many of us are waiting for seems to not be happening, or at least not this season?

One of the biggest revelations in the show to date is a little nugget that Gilly gives to Sam, as she's reading through old maester accounts. Turns out a maester annulled a marriage for Prince Rhaegar and remarried him somewhere in Dorne. Fans have long wondered if Rhaegar married Lyanna Stark or just ran away with her, and also what happened to his marriage to Elia of Dorne? Well at least on the show we know. Rhaegar got an annulment and married Lyanna Stark. Why does that matter? Because it means Jon Snow is a Targaryen/ Stark and not a bastard at all. This has never been shown in the books, and this alone makes this revelation huge.

Littlefinger has been rather unremarkable this season, but here he is spotted by Arya doing some plotting. Paying off a servant girl, talking to Lords Glover and Royce, then getting a message from maester Wolkan that looks shifty. Arya steals into his room to find it, but it looks like Littlefinger has one up on her, planting the wrong message for her to find? A message sure to inflame tensions between her and Sansa.

My biggest issue with this episode is the idea of taking a dead thing to Cersei. It's been made abundantly clear that Cersei has no real army left. Cersei has Kings Landing and that's it- so why do they care if she's onboard for the war in the north? She doesn't have much to offer. The King in the North is going to risk his life trying to bring proof south, when all the important players already believe. Seems like a waste of time. And we know it's going to have big consequences, so it matters.

So...after almost an hour we finally get to Eastwatch! This is where Jon and company plan to head north- and they're going to have some company, as the Hound is there along with Thoros and Beric. Tormund is also in the group, as well as Gendry, so we have a pretty capable band of seven heading into the north.  

Random Thoughts

"Dragons are where our partnership ends," says Bronn to Jaime. Spoken like a true mercenary! 

So long Dickon Tarly! The actor who plays him, Tom Hopper, just came into the role and he's already gone. But he took the honorable way out (at least to his thinking) by standing with his father at the end. He was of course also Billy Bones from Black Sails- it would have been nice to see him do more. I guess now Sam is heir to House Tarly? 

Drogon looked amazing. The scene where he landed and came up to Jon, and later when he and his brothers were wheeling in the sky over Dragonstone- just an amazing visual. 

The Bran sequence with the ravens going north was amazing.

Best exchange of the night:Tyrion and Varys discussing the message to Jon Snow. Tyrion asks him if he's read it.  
"It's a sealed scroll for the King in the North."
"What's it say?"
"Nothing good."

"I haven't given you permission to leave," Dany tells Jon when they discuss going north of the Wall.

Jenny of Oldstones reference! During the maesters' meeting one of them mentions the woman who claimed to be descended from the Children of the Forest. Also a prophet is mentioned who predicted the Drowned God would rise to defeat Aegon the Conqueror. This is interesting given the theory out there that Euron Crows Eye is going to raise some creature from the deep, perhaps a manifestation of the Drowned God, in the books.  

Jon finds out that Arya and Bran are alive.

 "Thought you might still be rowing," Davos tells Gendry when he finds him. A little nod to the fans there. And speaking of Gendry- nice moves with the warhammer. Nice to see a bastard of Baratheon and a bastard (at least for now) of Stark fighting together, just like Robert and Ned. 

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Sunday Post #207

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer

We're pushing into the middle of August already. It's been kind of a quick week, went by fast for whatever reason. I've been reviewing two books a week for a couple of weeks with the hiatus of Top Ten Tuesday, but with TTT coming back I'll be back to one a week. Fall will be here soon and I'm kinda ready for the fall stuff... turning leaves, cooler air, and October. 

I read Emma in the Night and I'm in the middle of Friend Request. Emma was quite good, and Friend Request has a freaky premise. What if someone long dead sends you a friend request on Facebook? That was enough to hook me. :)  I was also happy to see this week that Marcella and Doctor Foster both have second seasons on the way.  Marcella in particular I thought was very good, but Doctor Foster is a hidden gem too. Both are on Netflix and both are Brit productions. Good stuff!!  

I reviewed A Map for Wrecked Girls this past week and also The Lying Game. Next week I'll have reviews up for The Good Neighbor and The Collapsing Empire, a good SF book that happens to be my first John Scalzi read. I also talked about Melisandre last week in my discussion post. And... On The Run VII might just be this week also. Probably Monday? Oh and it's not really a cover yet, but the third book in the Wayfarers series (The Long Way To A Small, Angry Planet and A Closed and Common Orbit) has a title. 

A Map for Wrecked GirlsThe Collapsing Empire (The Interdependency #1)The Good NeighborThe Lying GameRecord of a Spaceborn Few (Wayfarers, #3)

Song of the week


The Brass Halo

Emma in the NightFriend RequestIntrigue in Capri (Kindle Single) (An Amory Ames Mystery)


This just goes to show that gender equality is an issue for stormtroopers too. 

This is pretty nice- will the new Blade Runner movie look as good? 

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